I started Badass Skatemom with design idea that morphed into t-shirts and CrossFit Box Signage. I love skateboarding, Crossfit and I’m a skatemom. 

One early morning while doing a running WOD in the dark I realized we needed a sign to warn cars we were outside. I thought why not a custom design, I made the Prowler and the Handstand reflective Crossing signs. Crossfit HQ Washington DC posted a mock-up of the Hero’s Bathroom sign on their instagram seeing 15,000 hits in two days I made my first ADA Murph and Fran signs and have been selling them ever since adding new items and making tweaks on shirt colors and graphics. 

I'm self-funded and produce small print runs of t-shirts, stickers and signs. Some designs will only run once so I can print a new design and keep having fun.

Thank you for checking out my designs. Go have fun!

Badass Skatemom for the “Badass in everyone”. It's good to be Bad.

All the Signs are made in the USA some of the shirts are mixed and I will say where they are made in the descriptions. 

Designed in Santa Cruz.